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Laser Vision Correction

TLC Laser Eye Center LogoBeartooth Vision Center has been an affiliate with TLC Big Sky since their opening in Billings in 1998. Since that time, we have managed the pre and post – operative care for many of our patients. We highly recommend the doctors and staff at TLC for their expertise, professionalism, and integrity. They program their lasers for each of their patients specifically taking into account the altitude of Billings, the particular surgeon performing the procedure, and even specifically for you as a Beartooth Vision Center patient. The level of sophistication of their instrumentation is second to none. While the final visual outcomes for LASIK (corneal flap) and PRK (no corneal flap) are essentially the same, the post -surgical healing process is as different as watching a person on a jet land on a runway (LASIK) is from watching a person experience the ups and downs of a roller coaster of unknown length and course (PRK). Both patients ultimately wind up with their feet on solid ground, but the LASIK healing process is generally more predictable and shorter than that of PRK. Both procedures require careful follow-up visits until the corneal healing is total and complete. We are with our patients every step of the way and are glad to report that our refractive surgery patients are a very happy group of people. An excellent site to visit for more particulars about refractive surgery costs, types, experiences, etc. is If you contact TLC directly, please be sure to tell them that we sent you – that way Beartooth Vision Center will be able to help you with your care before and after the surgery.