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Thank you for visiting the website of Beartooth Vision Center. We are a private optometric practice located in Billings, Montana. Our office is named after the nearby mountains which are the largest contiguous land mass over 10,000 feet in the U.S. Perhaps nowhere else does a town the size of Billings serve an area so large relative to the size of the town itself. Billings has a population of about 107,000 people (about 0.03% of the US population), but its healthcare and retail sectors serve an area in Montana and Wyoming that encompasses 3% of the land mass of the lower 48 states. That means there are a lot of choices for eye doctors in Billings and many people drive a long way for those choices. So why choose Beartooth Vision Center? What makes us different from other optometrists? We hope this web site helps to answer that question. Welcome! Please  for a list of some of our services, or get to know .

Beartooth Vision Interior Optical


Beartooth Vision Center has one of the largest and most attractive opticals in Billings. With over 1,200 frames, we offer glasses for any style and budget. We only select the best for our patients. Most of the lenses for our glasses are made right here in Montana through Summit Optical. Our lenses are superior durabilty with a top-rated antireflective lens coating that is formulated specifically for the temperature extremes of Montana. The large selection, prompt and friendly service and attention to detail make all the difference when visiting our optical.


BVC quality at a deep discount

Buy a pair of glasses or year of contacts and get 40% off a second pair of glasses.

  • Use vision insurance with first pair
  • Applies to most frames, sunglasses, and lenses
  • Includes any Rx or non-Rx options

See details about our discount program.


Our office in southwest Billings is in the heart of the largest retail area in Montana. With access from two interstate exits (King Avenue and Zoo Drive), Beartooth Vision Center is convenient to local residents and also for people arriving to Billings from the west, eastern Montana and Wyoming. If you are from out of town and plan to extend your visit to Billings, there are a wide assortment of restaurants, hotels, theaters, and other entertainment within 5 minutes of our office.